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Where To Play Pickleball On the Monterey Peninsula

Updated 9/4/2021


There are several public parks with pickleball courts on the Monterey Peninsula.  Non-club pickup play can be found regularly at each park.  Generally speaking, the most popular time at each location is 9am - Noon, however, each park has different rules for time sharing with tennis players as well as time/day restrictions to appease the neighbors.  Please review the rules posted at each park for details. 

Individuals can self-organize through the local facebook page.


We would like to resume organized club play and will soon be soliciting player feedback on our survey page.  We are interested in feedback from all players including locals and visitors. You don't need to be a club member to take this survey.  More information to follow...

Seat by the Tennis Court

Public Courts

Forest Hill Park

Lorca Lane

Carmel, CA

Four courts with portable nets across two tennis courts.  

Park Pickleball Hours:

Pickleball play is available at anytime on first-come first-served basis for both pickleball and tennis players. Signage at the courts limits play duration if there are others waiting.  There is no stated priority difference between pickleball play and tennis play.  A popular time for pickleball is daily 9am to Noon.  

Morris Dill Courts

515 Junipero Ave

Pacific Grove, CA

There are four courts with portable nets across two tennis courts. 

Park Pickleball Hours:

9:00am - Dusk Tues/Thurs/Sat

Dusk is 7pm during daylight savings time and 5pm otherwise.

Pickleball is not permitted outside these hours.

Via Paraiso Park

Via Paraiso & Herrmann Dr. Monterey, CA

Currently, there are two courts with rolling nets across one tennis court.  The court is reserved for pickleball only.

Update 8/1/2022: The city has decided to reduce the number of courts at Via Paraiso from 4 to 2 due to neighbor complaints about noise.  The remaining two courts are dedicated for pickleball.  Tennis is only permitted on the other court.  As a result, the former pickleball/tennis priority times no longer apply.  

Park Pickleball Hours:

Pickleball play is available at anytime on first-come first-served basis

According to the City web site, the following time limits apply:

  • Singles: 1 hour

  • Doubles: 1.5 hours

Wheeler Street Courts

Wheeler Street

Seaside, CA

There are currently 4 pickleball courts shared with tennis.  However, none of them are striped for pickleball and no nets are provided.  Bring tape to mark the courts.  Residue from previous taping is helpful.

Update 5/26/2022: At the 4/21/22 Seaside City Council meeting, the council approved the striping of pickleball lines on all tennis courts.  A timeline is not yet established, though.  Complete staff recommendation is here.


Park Pickleball Hours:

A local group gathers with nets Wed, Fri, Sun 8:30 to Noon and Fri 5pm to dark.

Monterey Penninsula College 

980 Fremont St

Monterey, CA

There are 6 pickleball courts striped over 3 tennis courts at MPC.  These courts are open to the public when school events are not in progress.  Note that there is a fee for parking at MPC during the week (weekends are free).

There are no pickleball nets on the courts at MPC.  Players can bring their own nets, or, MBPC Club members (join here) can access the 6 nets in the blue storage box at the west end of the courts.  The combination is on the member restricted page here.

The MPC tennis courts are located in the middle of the campus and are not easy to find from the parking lots.  The best lots to park are C and D.  

Click to enlarge the MPC campus map for details.  On the campus map, A & B mark the two entrances to the tennis courts.  Entrance B (when open) is closest to lot D and Entrance A is closest to lot C.

MPC Map Image
MPC Campus Map

Private Clubs

Chamisal Tennis Club

185 Robley Rd

Corral De Tierra, CA

Chamisal is a private tennis club with a mix of permanent and temporary pickleball courts.  They are currently expanding their facilities to include more permanent pickleball clubs.  Despite being private, Chamisal runs pickleball socials and tournaments open to the public.  See the Chamisal web site for additional information on membership and events.

Medowbrook Tennis Club

1553 Kimball Ave

Seaside, CA

Medowbrook is a private tennis club with four pickleball courts.   They run clinics available to members and non-members.  See the Medowbrook web site for additional information on membership and events.

Other Places to Play on the Central Coast

San Juan Bautista

100 Nyland Drive

San Juan Bautista, CA

Six permanent courts with permanent in-ground nets.  

Park Pickleball Hours:

The San Juan Bautista Pickleball club organizes play 9am-Noon Sat and Sun and 4-7pm Tuesday's. 

Brommer Street Park

1451 30th Ave

Santa Cruz, CA

Four permanent courts with permanent in-ground nets.   Four additional courts overlaid on two tennis courts.  Players can bring their own nets to play on the pickleball courts striped on the tennis courts.

Santa Cruz has other parks with pickleball courts.  See the Santa Cruz Pickleball Club web site for details.

Park Pickleball Hours:

The Santa Cruz Pickleball Club maintains a detailed calendar of play hours at all Santa Cruz area parks on their web site.

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