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New to Pickleball?

If you are new to pickleball and want to learn the rules and basic strategy, or even if you just want to know what equipment to buy, watch the videos on the page below:

Click here for introduction to pickleball videos

Pickleball is a very social sport and you should find that everyone is very welcoming.  Most play at public courts in our area is "open play" and players rotate in an out with other players.  "Newbies" are welcome to drop in. Upon arrival, let other players know you want to learn to play pickleball and ask if someone can teach the basics.  Each location typically has a court with other beginners.  Ask them to point you in that direction. 

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MBPC Video Library

Watching pickleball training videos is one of the best ways to improve your game regardless of your current level. There is an endless supply of these videos on YouTube.  We've sorted through many of them and our favorites can be found in the link below.  They are conveniently sorted by topic, such as Serve and Return, 3rd Shot Drop, Resets and Transition Zone, etc.

Click here to access the training video library

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Free Instruction

Some local players are "paying it foward" by holding a weekly drill session for beginner and intermediate players.  There is no charge for these sessions and everyone is welcome.  They focus primarily on technique drills to help players learn the various shots used in pickleball.  The sessions are a lot of fun and you are welcome to sign up if you are trying to learn or improve your game.

Click here for information on the weekly pickleball drill sessions

Monterey Bay Racquet Club located at the Monterey Hyatt Hotel also offers a free weekly Intro to Pickleball clinic which is open to the public.  You can find more information on this clinic by clicking here.

Paid Group Instruction

Paid Clinic.jpeg

Group clinics are available from several institutions on the Monterey Peninsula.  These are all open to the public.

  • Monterey Peninsula College

    • To view pickleball course offerings, click the link above and select the term (example: Spring 2024) then select "Physical Education" and lastly search the course description column for Pickleball.

  • Pacific Grove Adult School

    • To view pickleball course offerings, click the link above and search for the button to download their latest brochure.  

  • Monterey Bay Racquet Club

    • Look for "Pickleball Collective" lessons in addition to their above mentioned "Intro to Pickleball" clinic.  

  • Meadowbrook Swim and Tennis Club

    • Click the above link for schedule and pricing.  

  • Beach and Tennis Club at Pebble Beach

    • Kevin Mah runs Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced clinics at the Beach Club on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Contact the Beach Club at 831-625-8509 for info.

  • Monterey Sports Center

    • This clinic is indoors in their gym.  Click for info and to signup.

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Private Instruction

Most of the private clubs above offer private instruction in addition to their group classes.  Contact them directly for more information.

In addition, Vi Tran, MPC Tennis/Pickleball Instructor and Coach of the MPC Tennis Team, offers customized instruction for individuals and groups.  Clients of all levels of ability from beginner to advanced are welcome. 


For more information, contact Vi at:

Voice or Text: 831-809-3567​


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