New to Pickleball?

New players are always welcome to join MBPC for pickleball games.  Play at the courts at Via Paraiso is segregated by ability so beginners and those interested in learning the basics of pickleball need not be intimidated by advanced players.  "Newbies" should go to the beginner courts and let them know you want to learn to play and they will be happy to help you out.  You'll find everyone is very welcoming.  Pickleball is a very social sport.  Typically, the courts nearest the parking lot are used for beginner play.  The courts nearest the playground are used for intermediate and advanced play.  Any player can provide directions to the popper court for your level.

Pickleball Instruction

Below are some resources for those looking for structured pickleball instruction.

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Private Lessons

Vi Tran, MPC Tennis/Pickleball Instructor and Coach of the MPC Tennis Team, offers customized instruction for individuals and groups.  Clients of all levels of ability from beginner to advanced are welcome. 


For more information, contact Vi at:

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Pacific Grove Adult School

The Pacific Grove Adult School offers an introductory course on pickleball.  Contact Marta at the school for enrollment information.

Monterey Peninsula Collecge

Monterey Peninsula College offers a course on beginning pickleball.  Contact them for enrollment information.

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MBPC Free Clinics

MBPC periodically runs clinics where advanced members or guest instructors teach beginning and intermediate players.  Watch the club Events Page for announcements of upcoming clinics.

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MBPC Free Clinics

You-Tube videos are an excellent resource for beginner and advanced players alike.  Many of our club players are self-taught using the techniques, strategy, and drills that can be found online.  For beginners, the Pickleball 101 series by Joe Baker are some of the best videos.  The first one is below.

Pickleball 101​


New to pickleball and not sure how to play?  Confused about serving and basic rules?  Watch this short video to learn more.  Want more details?  Click here for an abbreviated rules summary or click here for the complete USAPA/IFP Rulebook.


Want to further improve your game? Check out some of these drills from the folks at PrimeTime Pickleball.