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Wheeler Court Resurfacing

We are once again are seeking support from the pickleball community for a pickleball court improvement project. Tomorrow (Monday Aug 21), the Seaside Parks and Rec committee will be meeting to discuss the resurfacing of the Wheeler Tennis courts in Seaside. If you have not played there, it is a lovely park with 4 tennis courts which are currently striped with 4 pickleball courts.

Unfortunately, these courts are in very rough shape and are in desperate need of resurfacing. One of the P&R commissioners is on board and requesting that members of the pickleball community show up to provide them with some guidance. Here is what she said:

... I’m really looking to get an idea if the potential project of resurfacing the wheeler courts for tennis and pickleball is worth it. Will it get enough use. Is it a good location for current players and how is the neighborhood responding to PB users. The input from regulars would be helpful in our P&R decisions as to whether or not to prioritize the project.

If we have enough people show up with a strong show of support for play at Wheeler, it might even be possible to replace some of the tennis courts with permanent pickleball courts. So, please come to show your support especially if you are a regular player at Wheeler.

Here are the meeting details:

What : Parks and Recreation Meeting
Why : To discuss Wheeler Resurfacing
When : August 21 at 5:30 PM
Where : Seaside City Hall : 440 Harcourt Ave, Seaside

If you are unable to attend, but, would still like to support this effort, you can send an email with your comments to me. Please send your email before 4pm on Monday and I'll make sure it is presented to the committee. My address is:

As always, thanks for your support and I hope to see you are Seaside City Hall tomorrow.
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2 Kommentare

Michael Lang
Michael Lang
21. Aug. 2023

I've corrected the date to Monday August *21*. I've also added information about how to support the effort through email if you are unable to attend in person.

Gefällt mir

21. Aug. 2023

Yesterday, Sunday, was August 20

Gefällt mir
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