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Update on Club Play

Hi Everyone! I've posted the MPC play sessions for this weekend on It's looking like we should have good weather so I'm hoping you can make it.

The latest update I have from MPC is that they are planning to start construction in May. So, including this weekend, we can probably get another 4 weekends in before we are no longer able to use the facility. I'm planning to continue MPC play until then to get a better gauge on club play interest. With poor weather and conflicting events such as the tournaments and socials at Chamisal and the Monterey Tennis Center, club play participation has been dwindling. I know many of you are playing in the Love Dinks event this Saturday. Hopefully we will have better weather and fewer conflicts going forward so I get get a better read on club play interest.

If weekend play is something you would like the club to continue to offer going forward, please attend to show your support. Or, send us an email at to express your interest. Please also send us feedback if you like the idea of club play, but, think we should make some changes. Also feel free to comment at the end of this blog post if you'd like to share your thoughts/concerns with everyone.

My understanding is that the MPC courts will be shut down for 6+ months during construction. I'm currently looking into other options for club play during this time. If you have suggestions, feel free to reach out to me.

See you on the courts!

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